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This pattern evolved frome earlier stonefly patterns and popularized and promoted by Randall Kaufmann of Seattle, WA. Originally tied to imitate large stoneflies, the Stimulator is also useful to imitate adult caddis, grasshoppers and large mayflies.


· Hook: 3X Long Curved Dry Fly Size 6-18

· Thread: 6/0 or 140 denier matching color to pattern

· Tail: Elk, Deer or Moose hair

· Body: Dry fly dubbing matching color to pattern

· Ribbing: Short dry fly hackle palmered, typically grizzly or brown

· Wing: Deer or Elk hair

· Thorax: Dry fly dubbing matching color to pattern

· Hackle: Dry fly hackle, typically grizzly or brown

Variations include:

· Crystal Stimulator (Black, Gold, Green, Orange Peacock, Pearl, Royal Cerise, Tan, Yellow)


· Kaufmann's Stimulator (Green, Orange, Yellow)


· Kaufmann's Stimulator RL (Rubber Legs), (Gray, Lime, Orange, Pearl, Royal, Tan, Yellow)

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