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BUGS, Mayflies, continued

Dun changing to spinner. Photo by Christian Berg

Spinners have the silhouette and size of a dun but they're shiny and translucent

Baetis spinner

The spinners mate over the water and deposit their eggs.

They then fall into the surface film and die.


Wild trout don’t do a lot of chasing. They have the instincts to know if they don’t feed energy efficiently they will die. This is one of the reasons genetically deficient hatchery fish often die within eight weeks of stocking.

At hatch time start fishing with nymph patterns in the cushion.

When you see dimpling rises switch from the nymph pattern to an emerger. A parachute pattern is an emerger imitation. Wild trout prefer emergers to duns because there are more of them and they are easier to catch.

When the dimpling rises change to simple rises change to a dun imitation.

When you see spinners on the water fish a spinner pattern.

We’ve discussed fishing the cushion, nymphs, the underside of the surface film, emergers, on the film, duns, and in the film, spinners.

We don’t spend any time fishing insect imitations between the cushion and the film

Point to remember

Fish the cushion and the film.


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