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AL MILLER: Rod, there is something strange going on behind the shop.

ROD: I hope it isn’t another poacher with a blow gun.

AL MILLER: No and he doesn’t have a rod, he’s got some kind of pole in the water.

ROD: I hope it’s not that guy with the tree pruner defoliating the willows obstructing his back cast.

It turned out to be Wendell “Ozzie” Ozefovich creating his art.

A native of Pennsylvanian, Ozzie developed his passion for trout in the coal region at age 6.

After four years in the Navy, Oz worked on Wall St followed by a career in training and course development for the power generation industry. This experience provided him the ability to articulate complexities like, hydrodynamics, in laymen’s terms. In the late 90’s Ozzie began  a series of underwater masterpieces providing views of how trout feed, spawn and behave. Ozzies work is relevant most all fishermen, not just fly fishers. It has enlightened fishermen all over the world..

Oz’s work has drawn heart felt acclaim from luminaries such as Gary Borger and the late Lefty Kreh. His videos are a must for any fisherman stalking any kind fish.

In addition to his landmark achievement videos, Mr Ozefovich finds time to serve CENTRAL JERSEY TU  as a board member and coordinater for TROUT IN THE CLASSROOM. The New Jersey Division of Fish and Willife finds his involvement with kids programs, stream surveys and stream improvement projects invaluable.


Take the opportunity to meet, greet and learn at

The Fly Fishing and Wingshooting expo Fri March 1 to Sunday March 3 at Split Rock Lodge, Lake Harmony, PA



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