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Spring Creeks




The Letort

Yellowstone River.jpg

The Yellowstone

Lehigh River

As I travel around North AmericaI I get to fish famous Freestoners and Tailwaters, but there is something special about Spring Creeks.


Spring Creeks are different from freestoners and tailwaters in that they originate with springs,


The headwaters of  the Little Lehigh, :ehigh County, Pennsylvania

thus flow and temperature are consistent. Temperature change is gradual allowing fish to acclimate to colder temperature. An example is the Little Lehigh.. The warmest I’ve seen it is 72 degrees, the coldest thirty-eight. Even at 38 degrees you can find risers, they’ve acclimated to the colder temperatures. Low temperatures in rivers where temperature fluctuations are gradual have little effect on Trout’s feeding.

Limestoners are spring Creeks enhanced by Lime. Lime increases fertility and resistance to acid rain. Limestone spring Creeks are the best of the best.

Fishing Spring Creeks for Wild Trout 040

limestoners are a likely spot to find spawning trout.

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