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Rise Forms


Glare on the water surface creates a palate for a plethora of events occurring in, on or under the surface. One of those events is the rise form.

rise formaa.jpg

Many anglers are unable to use this significant tool because they can’t see it through their polarized sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses eliminate the glare. that enables us to see abnormalities (such as rise forms) in the texture of the surface. Look for rise forms without your polaroids, when you see a rise form, don your $70.00 Orvis Superlight Riffle polaroids and spot the fish.

Appropriate haberdashery is important. A fedora with a wide, dark under brim helps you see rise forms.

Stealth is important, if you see Mr Rainbow he probably sees you. If he retires from his feeding lie to his sheltering lie, his finned associates probably do too. I like to stay well back from the stream and survey the water surface with binoculars.

 A simple rise form occurs when a trout takes an organism on or in the surface film.

This is the classic ring of the rise when you see it look for duns or spinners.


A dimpling rise is the most common and least obvious rise form.

It occurs as the fish displaces water as it takes an organism just below the surface.



Take aways

Stay back from the stream

Wear a hat with a dark brim

After observing a rise form, don your polarized spectacles to see the fish

Use a fly pattern to match the rise form.

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