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February second is Groundhog day, a day the Trout Bum Blog remembers the late John “Boss Hawg” Sniczak


John was a regular at the Little Lehigh Fly Shop. He officiated at the shop’s weekly Barbeque, Tying Night and Poker game,

But I remember him best for his HAWGER.

The Hawger is an all purpose fly. (It’s similar to the Haystack.) and works well as an “Attractor “ pattern all year.

Al  Miller used it as an “imitative” pattern for Caddis and found it  productive during the “Sulphur” hatch.


Do not wash a groundhog pelt. Natural oils in fur keep the fly floating nicely. A couple of false casts and its dry and floating.


Groundhog fur is made up of three different hairs. Guard hair (use for wings), light tan and dark brown. After removing the guard hairs, cut equal parts of light tan and dark brown. Mix it thoroughly, wax the thread using the loop system to produce a spikey. dubbed body.


When nothing seems to be going on, fish the water with it.


John used light and dark Hawgers in sizes 16, 18 and 20.


Dark Hawger

THREAD: Olive brown

TAIL: Same as body dubbing (groundhog)

BODY: Groundhog-dark dubbing

WING: Light tan groundhog fur


Light Hawger

TAIL: Light tan groundhog

BODY: Light tan groundhog

WING: Light tan groundhog



Hawger Caddis

THREAD: olive brown

BODY: Groundhog dark mix dubbing

HACKLE: Cree (or grizzly and brown mixed)


Guard hairs stack up easily while still on the skin. Tie on wings to or just beyond the hook bend.

Use about 6 or 7 turns of hackle. Larger hackle may be used if you cut off bottom of hackle to hook gap length. Makes for easier skitterin on top of water.



Red Quill Spinner


SIZE: #12 TO #18, #16 preferred


TAIL: Light gray stiff hackle barbs as long as hook  shank.

WING: Light gray poly or similar material (quite long)

BODY: Red thread or Federal Express envelope cut in very thin strips and colored with red brown pen (Design 213-L8)

White thread colored with the pen may be used for the body.

Wrap the body material around the wing figure eight style, to make larger thorax.

Coat the body with head cement being careful not to bleed color into wing.
Use floatant to prevent sinking..


Sulphur Spinner


SIZE:#16 and 18 (Dry Fly Hook

THREAD: Cream 8/0

TAIL: Cream stiff hackle barbs

WING: Light gray poly or similar material

BODY: Cream abdomen and light orange thorax dubbing

Don't cement the body with head cement.

Tie up a few with an orange egg sack.


I provide this information In keeping with my pledge to pass information gleaned from years at the shop.


The Hawger is John’s master piece. I take no credit for it


John saved his tying scraps for his nesting box.

His neighborhood bird nests were the most colorful in the county

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