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The Campfire


There’s something special about a fire. A glowing hearth adds to a romantic evening. A good meal is better in front of the fireplace. A good “read” is better in front of the fireplace, and what would a campsite be without a fire.


What is it about fire?


We relax in front of it. We watch its flames “lick” into the air.


We enjoy its snapping & crackling.


If we want to make an event a little more special, we light a fire, and turn on the gas lights or light the candles.


Fire is unhurried and relaxing. It’s hard to be hyper watching a fire.


It’s the same with a stream. Unhurried, babbling along at its own pace. The sound and sight of it is relaxing, pleasant, satisfying, soothing, tranquil, and peaceful.


To a fly fisherman it’s all that and more.


Where the pool tails off into a riffle, an Angler imagines a wild trout in its feeding lie, waiting for the hatch. Visions of big wild trout sipping a perfectly presented Parachute Adams warm the soul.


It’s good to relax and watch the water.  View the pool from upstream, and then get a different perspective by viewing it from downstream.


Rather than run up to the stream and romp into the pool, casting willie nilllie for no apparent reason, really see the stream. Determine where the trout should be. There is no hurry! Maybe a fine cigar, a sip or two of good Scotch while relaxing and pondering your stealthy approach to your target.


Now picture yourself camped by that pool, with a cozy fire, a meal you made in your Dutch oven, over a warm fire, next to the babbling stream.

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