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From The Trout Bum Archives

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The Big Bushkill Creek at Resica Falls is a freestone stream in Pennsylvania . It provides pleasant Spring fishing for stocked trout. I  need to fish it at least once a year because of its beauty. After mid June water temperatures rise to a level not suitable for trout.

Toms Creek is a demanding wild trout fishery which empties into the Delaware River.

The Delaware River produces one of my favorite fishing opportunities, the chance to catch American Shad,

Most Shad guys consider the run about over in mid-May. My favorite time to fish for Shad is mid May to mid June.

At first light of early morning you will find the pool at the confluence of Toms Creek and the Delaware so full of Shad they get tangled in your stripping line.

It’s interesting to note about half of them have scrapes on their heads, my guess is they are females that have me nest building.

I’ve found large stonefly patterns successful.

When the Sun rises above the horizon the fishing ends. It’s like the Shad gods flipped the fish switch.

Now it’s time to head for the diner for breakfast.

After some pancakes and scrapple it’s off to Toms to try your hand at some very difficult fish. No orange fly lines, red hats or multiple false casting here. Here you think more like a Turkey hunter. Stealth is everything!

If you pull into the parking lot and see another car, just keep going, The fish have been spooked.

So where are you gonna go? To Resica Falls, the water should still be cold enough to give you some entertaining fishing in a pristine environment.

in late afternoon there is still time for a short siesta and some diner meatloaf but you want to be back on the Delaware as the sun dips below the horizon. At twilight the Shad god flips the fish switch againt,


Time for a bent fly rod and a battle with poor mans salmon.

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