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This rainy month brings us Swallows, Forsythia, green Willows, nesting Mallards, baetis vagans, paraleptophlebia adoptiva, and Craneflies.


Spice things up by treating you wild trout to this fly selection..


Henryville Special

Use the Henryville Special as a substitute for Caddis not represented in your fly box. Carry them down to size #24.


Pheasant Tail

Use a size 18  to imitate Baetis nymphs or use it as an attractor pattern.



The Adams is the bestselling fly in the world, there is a reason.​



I believe ants possess a flavor fish relish.

The black fur ant always accompanies me on the stream.


Cress bug

Cress bugs are significant trout food in the Water Cress of cold spring creeks.

New broods appear once every two months so they populate a stream very quickly

Fish the edges of weed beds in the current.

April Selection #2

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