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This rainy month brings us swallows, Forsythia, green Willows, nesting Mallards, baetis tricaudatus, paraleptophlebia adoptiva, Craneflies and some Caddis. On wild trout water it also brings the late April doldrums.

This April Fly Selection is just what the Doctor ordered



Crane flies begin showing up on spring creeks around February 15th. As the season becomes warmer, their intensity increases. Click here for all the details regarding Craneflies.

Blue Winged Olive

A properly dressed emerger with no weight will usually out fish a dry fly. Try shallow riffles and weed beds.

You will find the emerger pattern to be deadly.

Check out the Baetis page.


An important participant in behavioral drift these active, agile swimmers dart around bottom for food never in water over three feet. They feed most actively at night and on overcast days. The best hours to fish with them are dusk thru dawn.

Learn more, click here!

Al’s Rat

The "Rat" works all day, all year. For many who fish spring creeks, the Rat is the first fly they try every day all year.

Sucker Spawn

Among the Little Lehigh Fly Fishers, John Coxey was the crown prince of sucker spawn.

Brandishing his favorite sucker spawn pattern, John would prowl the banks searching for pods of spawning suckers.

Read more about this trout cuisine by clicking here.

April Flt Selection for Spring Creeks

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