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When I feel forgotten, I get this. Bless you Steve

Hi Rod, I’m reaching out to you because I remember about 25 years ago I started fishing the little Lehigh without much luck. Then I wandered into your fly shop and asked some questions and would buy your suggested flies at the times.i was shocked at what you said and told me to get ,the flies looked so minute and simple I thought you have to be kidding.Boy was I wrong I finally caught fish ,and large ones .you never steered me wrong. I would always stop in and get something even if it was small, because of the knowledge you had and the more I would stop in the more you opened up to me. I came a good distance the Flourtown area about 50 miles.I also observed the regulars on the stream and would just observe to see how this gifted anglers would approach things. After many visits the regular would open up and say nice to see you again and would offer advice. I learned so much from you guys I can’t say enough.those were the heydays of the stream.courteous knowledgeable anglers willing to give guidance. To those willing to learn and treat the stream with respect. Rod I will never forget this about you, I came to the stream one day from my 50 miles away and forgot to pack my fly reel, I couldn’t believe it so I stopped in your fly shop to get a reel and line after I told you my story and you said don’t worry about it, I see you here enough. You gave me a whole outfit to use for the day, All I had to do was leave a credit card with you. I will never forget that. I stopped fishing the stream for awhile after you left and was shocked when I started fishing it again and saw guys wadding the stream. I saw the fish warden and asked what’s going on, he said it’s been like this for awhile and for the better. I have to disagree, you guys didn’t need to wade and were the best anglers I witnessed on that stream. I have been fishing it again the last few years and have been getting exceptionally large fish, on the old reliable midges . The only problem I have noticed is the stream is trashed in places and the complete ignorance and none fishing etiquette of the anglers showing up there now. There are times when I just want to up and leave. Guys walk right pass where your fishing. Guys see you catching a fish and move right next to your and cast in the same spot, it’s incredible. I feel sorry for the fish! I watched one guy play a fish for 15 minutes I said your killing the fish , after he finally landed it he put it on the bank and was taking all kinds of pictures for another 3 minutes this guy just didn’t care. This fish is as good as dead, unfortunately I see this all to often there. You guys were the masters of the stream, not what I see there today. Thanks Rod for the knowledge I received from you and Al Miller how to become a better angler and a sportsman with courteous ethics towards the fish and fellow anglers. One last question I have a picture of a bug I got Thursday July 2nd and was wondering what it was, I looked in books and was inconclusive. I could send a picture with an email address if possible as you know the stream like no one else. Thanks Rod


picture by Dave Bittner

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