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What Some of the Experts Said About Jack Gartside

Kenney Abrames: "A rare angler of substance."

Judith Dunham: "Jack had talent for many things–fishing, tying flies, telling stories, dancing to any music the band played, exchanging ideas about any subject–and an unmatchable passion for life."

A.K. Best: "One of the reasons I enjoyed working the Fly Fishing Shows was to spend some time between show gigs gassing with Jack. He always had some bit of humor to share. It helped all those listening be aware that fly fishing and fly tying is supposed to be fun."

Gary Borger: "One of only a few who have ventured outside the ordinary...We first met many years ago at a campground just outside West Yellowstone. Jack had just taken a 25-inch brown on his Sparrow from the Madison, and when I saw the fly, I knew I was talking to a guy that understood big fish. "

Eric Leiser: "Exceptionally gifted."

Gary LaFontaine: " Few can match him for creativity in pattern innovation."

Bud Lily: "Jack's flies are superb. He has a lot of integrity, a lot of principle and a lot of feeling for what the sport is."

Robert Rifchin: "I've never seen anyone who has consistently produced better flies."

Dick Talleur: "As creative an angler as he is a tyer, with a great instinct for coming up with things that work when nothing else seems to."



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