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TROUT LIES, continued

Prime Lies

Prime lies provide a trout the benefits of a sheltering lie and a feeding lie without having to move.

The trout can feed while feeling safe and secure. The best fishing in the pool is in the prime lie. Prime lies should be the first-place you fish.

Like sheltering lies, prime lies are in water waist deep or deeper, and/or under something and like feeding lies are at the confluence of slow and fast water

Look for slow water adjacent to fast water under overhanging foliage, undercut banks or bridges. (Bridges often offer prime lies around the bridge piers and sheltering lies between the river bank and the bridge pier.)

Prime lies hold the best fish. The best trout in the pool is in the prime lie. There is definitely a pecking order!

When you approach the stream, take a moment to analyze it. Fish the prime lies first. Don't waste valuable fishing time in water that isn't productive.


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