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Trout Bum Buddies, Oliver Edwards

The week after the Somerset Fly-fishing show in January of 1997, British Fly Tying extraordinaire Oliver Edwards joined us at the Little Lehigh Fly Shop.

Opening his fly box he exposed creations so life like, my friend Julien Robbins ran to his car to get his insect repellent.

The weather was abhorrent, snow, sleet, rain and cold . Oliver braved the elements. From dawn to dusk he cast his feathered impostors to the Little Lehigh’s finnicky finned residents with no success.

During a coffee break, in his case a tea break, he got to talking with Al Miller. As Al compared his Rat to Oliver’s masterpieces it was obvious the polite and considerate Mr. Edwards was humoring Al.

Another day of braving the elements produced no fish, Oliver was very discouraged.

Suddenly the shop door burst open, Oliver was holding a magnificent Brown. “Oliver, what did you do?” With downcast eyes he said “It was that bloody Rat."

The experience exhibited the importance of the Primary trigger device in trout flies tied for wild trout.

When I see a trout rise to my dry fly I used to say “now I gottcha” to avoid setting the hook prematurely. Now in Olivers honor I say God Save The Queen,

For more information and more Buddies click here.

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