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Todays Featured Angler, the late Ed Koch

An expert on midges-small flies, light tackle, tools, techniques, tackle selection, and fishing tactics, he was presented in the Philadelphia Inquirer’s CASTING CALL. (April 1996) Honored at the Pennsylvania Fly Fishing Museum he is known for patterns including the Wet Black Ant, Grizzly Hackle Yellow, and the Little Olive. fo anglers who enjoy the challenge and excitement of fishing with midges.

Ed is the author of Fishing the Midge and of Basic Fly Tying with Norm Shires..


Ed's book "Fishing the Midge" was in my opinion The book for the beginner, small fly fisherman. I have read it several times over the years, His simple effective fly patterns were a great learning tool and a good presentation and a hooked fish was a grand reward ! He was a very big influence on many of us and he will be dearly missed. My best to his close friends and Family. Respectfully, Paul D Narlesky

I agree with canesterdf's post above. I fished those Pa. streams back when I was just really getting into fly fishing and "Fishing the Midge" was one of the first books I read along with Marinaro and Charlie Fox. Kind of hard to believe those three are all gone. They sure helped me in their stories of fishing the Yellow Breeches, the Letort and Falling Springs.


QuoteMet Ed just once before he became ill. Found him a pleasant guy with a good sense of humor. Fishing the Midge remains a relevant and useful book. Ed also co-authored Midge Magic with Don Holbrook, another great manual for fishing south-central PA.

Koch was a titan--a gifted fly tier and talented fly fisher. Really sad news. Didn't know him all that well, but he was interesting to chat with. Art Flick included him in his "Master's" book, in 1972. He was already pretty well known by that time, in a close circle of Pa. guys. Quote

I fished with Ed a couple of times on the Letort and again when he visited here in Missouri. A grand gentleman by any measure.

Ed’s work is worth your attention

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