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The World Needs More People Like Charlie Fox

Chatlie Fox


....the world needs more people like Charlie Fox.

River keeper Charlie Fox lived on Carlisle, Pennsylvania’s Letort. He was a Merlin-like figure with wisdom others lacked and a true gentleman angler.

For over fifty years he faithfully guarded one of the most sacred streams in the world.

Some say he was the most famous fly fisherman since Izaak Walton, and one of the most influential.

A testament to a man’s love of nature and his fellow man famous people passed his way … from the four corners of the earth.

....the world needs more people like Charlie Fox.

He was approachable. modest, a great fly fisherman and a great human being. Everyone felt comfortable with him.

Many a fly was tied and developed on this hallowed ground. The bench at Charlie Fox's place on the Letort is where the Letort Regulars held their picnics and other functions.

Charlie Fox, . loved everything about nature, the Sulphur was his favorite mayfly He admired the little garter snake that lived on the trail from his home. This admiration also continued to the brown trout that fed below the water cress on the stream just downstream of his stream-side bench.

A conservationist before anyone really knew what one was, his efforts included protecting the fish and stream through proper environmental enagement, to physically hauling and strategically placing gravel in the stream to increase the chances of the spawning brown trout. Told by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission it wouldn't work, Charlie proved them wrong.

....the world needs more people like Charlie Fox.

All fly fishermen are romanticists and Charlie was no exception. The roots of fly fishing encompass a poetic heritage

Whatever it was, he believed in the sacredness of all living things and the power of their existence and his anguish over the destruction of environment.

His gift for prose enabled him to write books about the Civil War, baitcasting, lure making and his first love, salmon and trout fishing.

While an editor for Pennsylvania Angler, Esquire and Stackpole Books he produced classic fly fishing books and articles.


Fly fishing centers and museums honor famous anglers, fly fishing personalities and authors.

Lost in the luster of these stars of the sport are people who GAVE of their time and resources with no thought of recognition or financial reward support. Some use the sport as a path to financial reward, some recieve unsolicited recognition and financial reward. Their reward was of their love was seeing…a trout swim, an eagle soar, or children gaze at the wonders of nature. The world needs more River keepers..

Our sport has a lot of arm chair environmentalists. ....the world needs more people like Charlie Fox.

Our sport has a lot of arm chair environmentalists, not many doers. ....the world needs more people like Charlie Fox.

The purpose of this piece is transform anglers from observers to DOERS. I gleaned most of this material from the internet, particularly Gene Macri in the hope of transforming anglers from observers to DOERS!

....the world needs more people like Charlie Fox


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