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My son and I decided to go fishing.

Dave wanted to use our limited time to catch pike. We headed for Colorado’s Spinney Reservoir arriving at mid-day.

Spinney is known for its afternoon winds. This day was no exception.

Dave strung up his spinning rod and went fishing. I rigged up my fly rod and smoked a cigar to wait out the wind.

While Dave covered water efficiently, I finished my cigar and watched the pelicans.

I decided to battle the wind.

While Dave was catching a Konkani, I was removing a size 6 Black and Red Bunny Fly from my hat.

While Dave tried to control the pontoon boat in the wind, I expertly double hauled into the wind and watched my Yellow Deer Hair Diver dive behfnd me.

I went back to the car and enjoyed a cup of coffee while I untangled my leader.

Dave continued to fish.

Is there something wrong with this picture?”

Point to remember

Sometimes you can take things to seriously


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