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The Douple Knot

Lets have a discussion of various methods of connecting the fly line to the leader Connector loops

Don't be a fan of loops, whether braided, built into the line, or hand tied. They add bulk, form hinges, are not aerodynamic, spray water, come off and don’t convert energy efficiently. Connector nails

Some anglers use tiny spikes with built in loops In addition to all of the above disadvantages, looped nails provide an unreliable connection and reduce buoyancy. Connecter buttons

In addition to the above problems leader buttons get caught on the rod guides A solution to the above tribulations is Don Douple's Knot.

Photo by Don Douple

When I was a lad, my Dad told me characters are the condiments of life. Don Douple is near the top of the spice rack and is the best Pennsylvania trout fisherman I know of. Don trained as a teacher, but when he was student teaching, he discovered that he disliked the classroom. He became a full time student of wild trout and the waters they swim in. His knowledge and ability is unsurpassed. Don’s attention to detail is intense. It plays out in his creation of the Douple Knot. To create his knot Don mixes a little pigment from model paint with epoxy and forms an epoxy football over a Nail Knot. This assures smooth passage through the rod guides while forming a strike indicator. Point to remember Don’s knot kills many birds with one stone.

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