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Common Names

Compara Duns, Pale Evening Dun,Sulphur, Little Marryatt, Pale Watery Dun, GrayFox

Ephermerella dorothea

Dorothea nymphs are crawlers. They are quiet water dwellers found in flats and runs. They flourish in limestone streams especially in silt.

Nymphs swim laboriously with a peculiar wiggle..

Duns, have three tails and emerge May 15th through the end of June. Hatches are usually between 7 pm and dusk and usually last ½ hour. The best fishing is after sunset..

Dorothea spinners are pale yellow, have three tails and fall at dusk Body size is 6.5 to 7.5 mm, size 18. They jettison their eggs a safe distance above the stream above the riffles.

Ephermerella rotunda and invaria

Rotunda and invaria nymphs are crawlers.

Rotunda duns emerge in the early evening in May and continue through early June.

Invaria hatch in May through June in late afternoon.

Spinners are dark brown, and fall at dusk. Rotunda body size is 16, invaria is 14.

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