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Stoneflies (Order: Plecoptera)

Photo by Cathy Mainardi

Horses are animals as are cats and dogs but they aren’t the same.

Stoneflies are aquatic insects as are Mayflies, Caddis and Midges, they aren’t the same. Stoneflies are usually the largest bug in the stream.

They begin their one to three-year life cycle as an egg which hatches into a nymph


Stoneflies hatch by crawling out of the water. Their skin dries and the wing case splits open.

The adult emerges.

Photo by Don Douple

Unlike Mayflies and Caddis, adult Stoneflies live for a month. They have the ability to feed.

Point to remember

Stoneflies are most important to the angler when they fall to the meniscus after mating and dropping their eggs from above.

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