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Sam Gutman heard big trout were being caught at the confluence of Toms Creek and the Delaware River. Armed with large stoneflies we waded into the riffle. Sam’s first cast resulted in a severely bent rod and an angler whose agility was being challenged as he stumbled downstream chasing the behemoth.

To my amazement he beached the beast, it was an American Shad known in some circles as the Poor Mans Salmon. My switches were switched, my buttons pushed my every thought over ridden by SHAD, While in church where I should have been listening to the Reverend, my mind was in the Delaware, double hauling my 9 weight. At the office Shad trumped financial reports at the board meetings. At home my wife found the kids asking her what a Krill was and why shad ate them,

This is an obsession I’m introducing you to. Beware, keep reading this blog if you will become an addict of a truly enjoyable triviality.


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