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Where can an old guy with limited wading ability go to catch Brook Trout? The Roach River answered the fly shop owner. NOT!!!!!!!!

A remote tributary of Moosehead Lake, the Roach begins at First Roach Pond at Kokadjo in central Maine and flows about six miles to Spencer Bay

The only catch and release fly fishing only stream in Maine, it is an important spawning area for Brook Trout and Landlocked Salmon.

The Brook trout average about ten inches but go up to three pounds. Landlocked Salmon average about fifteen inches.

Difficult to impossible to fish from the bank. fishing is done wading the named pools.

Find the pools by locating trailheads identified by fisheries department boxes.

I plan to fish The Dam Pool, a deep pool located under the bridge at Kokadjo. The fish from Moosehead Lake tend to hold there. It's easy to access, yet it produces well.

I’ll also explore the Roach ponds.

Your input would be appreciated.

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