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Al's Red Tricos

During the first weeks of the hatch the trout are easy to catch as they gorge themselves with reckless abandon. As the season progresses they become very selective, rising to the silhouette then refusing the fly as they see oversized wings or other mistakes.

Al’s Millers pattern eliminates this problem. Selectively feeding trout are looking for what’s right not what’s wrong. Since Al’s trico has no wings or tail to turn them off, they rise to the silhouette and take the fly.

The Little Lehigh Fly Shop enjoyed the opportunity of hosting Fran Gough and his entourage as he studied Tricorythodes Stygiatus.

Fran placed nets in the water, checking them every hour periodically for four months,

Many of the millions of specimens had RED thoraxes!

When we brought them to the attention of Dr Greg Hoover he

identified the red to as internal mites.

I started fishing Trico patterns with red thoraxes with success.

Try the Trout Bum Selection.

The selection includes 4 males (2 with red thoraxes, 2 black) and 4 females. (2 with red thoraxes, 2 black)

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