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Recommended Reading

To me fly fishing is not a hobby, nor is it a pastime or interest. It is an obsession.

Another passion is reading. Combine the two you come up with an old guy who has read a lot of tying and fishing books.

Many of them are great and many, not so much.

If you go through my library you will nfinfa lot of books on beautiful condition and three that are pig eared and worn. Guess which three.

In my view Gary Borgers PRESENTATION s the fly fishers bible.

It’s the text book for my classes. If you don’t have it, get it. If you haven’t read it, read it.

Keep it as a reference. I don’t remember having a question it couldn’t answer.

Every tyer needs a how to book.

Ted Lesson and Jim Schollmeyer have written this incredibly articulate masterpiece FLY TIER’S BENCHSIDE REFERENCE. I’ve not had a question it didn’t answer. It’s enough to send us tying instructors to the senior living center to watch Oprah and eat cookies.

You need this book.

Tyers also need a reciepe book.

TYING FLIES FOR TROUT by Dick Stewart and Farrow fits the bill.

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