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Kish Creek (as the locals call it) can be found near Lewiston along Rt 322 toward State College.

It’s flow is similar to Penns or the Little Juniata. It’s pools are smaller, but the flow and temperature seems to hold up better than the aforementioned during droughts.

The headwaers are in Belleville’s Amish farm country. Some of the stream is posted “No Sunday fishing.”

Wild Browns reproduce throughout the whole length of the stream.

Some of the water near Bellville is stocked. Some of the water in this area is posted and some is open and is good wild trout water.

Although several miles of stream bank are wooded, the stream is accesable by trail.

The size of the stream doubles when it reaches the cdonfluence with Honey Creek and Tea Creek in the area of Route 322 at Reedville, This area consists of rocky fast water flowing through a beautiful gorge (locals call it the narrows). This stretch cut between the mountains, is one of the most scenic waterways in the state. Here highways are on bothsides of the creek Theroad on the east side is old route 322. There are several pulloffs for parking.

Below the narrows there is parking at a ball field in Yeagertown. From the railroad bridge downstream about 2 ½ miles, past an old steel mill to Mill Street is class “A”Brown

Trout water and is not stocked.

Below that is a community park called “Derry Township CommunityPark.” This is a good place to park. The stream is stocked downstream to the confluence with the Juniata River. This section isn’t fished as much as the “Narrows,” but it’s very nice big water.

The hatches are similar to other area limestoners, Sulphurs, Summer Cahills and Blue Quills (paraleptophlebia) that hatch throughout the summer and into fall in sizes 16 or 18.

Fishing in winter? Try Honeybugs!

Unfortunately there are no special regulations at this time.

To reach “Kish Creek,” from the shop. Take I-78/Route 22 west to Lewistown and go North on Route 322.

The late Charlie Meck told me there is a Green Drake hatch and a Trico hatch..

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