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It was the mid 50’s.

I was on my first bike ride outside of my neighborhood, destination, Monocacy Creek. My first impression was formed by an environmental nightmare, a paint mlll and associated dump,

I biked through the dump to a pool upstream of the carnage and caught my first trout on a fat wiggly worm, The monster was created. Fishing became a lifetime obsession

The stream is now a pristine.tibutary of the Lehigh River.,

The stream has two special regulation sections.

The first, a 1.9-mile section of the creek between state road #987 bridge downstream to the state road #248 Bridge classified as "wild trout water". This section is regulated as "Class A with a very good population of wild brown trout.

he second section of Class "A" wild trout regulated water starts at the upper end of the Fox Gertrude Conservation Area and extends downstream to the Illicks Mill Dam. This section is almost two miles long. It too has a very good population of wild brown trout.

Although it flows through a highly developed area, fly fishing Monocacy Creek can still be done in a very nice setting.

Trout can be caught on all but the coldest days of Monocacy Creek (Lehigh River tributary)

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