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More About Midges, Griffiths Gnat

Midge adults return to the surface film in clusters to mate and/or rest. A Griffiths Gnat is designed to imitate this behavior.

Tying Instructions


Peacock, Grizzly Hackle, #18, #20, #22, #24, #26, #28 Mustad 94840, Olive 12/0 thread


Tie in thread over the hook point

Wrap to the bend of the hook. (The bend of the hook begins above the point of the barb.)

Tie In Grizzly hackle.

Tie in Peacock.

Wrap thread to one hook eye behind the eye.

Wrap peacock over the thread base.

Wind hackle (palmer) over peacock-tie off.

M Whip finnish.

More tomorrow.


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