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Monthly Summary for Eastern Spring Creeks

Mallard Ducklings

Trout Fry

March stream flow in spring creeks increases as the month progresses as does water temperature.
March brings the first Robins of the season. It also brings some of the largest trout of the year, most caught on large white patterns in discolored water.
Al's Rat, Griffiths Gnat, Honeybug Inchworms, Scuds, 
Cressbugs,  Snowflies, Sucker Spawn, Blue Winged Olives (18 & 24’S), 
Cranefles, Little Black Stoneflieds, Pheasant Tails, 
Crawfish, please scroll down. Dons’ Sculpin, 
 Scuds ,Henryville Specials , Snowfies #24 
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