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Jack Reichelderfer

The only thing better than Stan Cooper coming into my shop was when he came in with Jack,

Once in a great while , if your lucky, you get to meet a raconteur like Jack. As he spoke there was charm in his voice and a sparkle in his eye which can' t be replicated.

Jack was an upscale photographer based in New York's Central Park South.

Friends with folks like Coco Chanel and Charles Ritz his successful photography business resulted in a superb bamboo rod collection and wonderful fishing adventures.

Jack's fishing took him to the Canadian wilderness and the wilds of Alaska in the days when you hired some natives and packed into the bush subsisting on what you packed or what you could harvest.

I had two problems with Jack, He was an unapologetic Montreal Canadians fan and when I got to go fishing with him I;d find myself listening to his yarns more than fishing.

Guys like Jack should not be forgotten. If you have some JACK stories, please send them to me.

I'll include them on my page.

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