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I was standing at the end of the jet way, waiting for my new friend to deplane.

A tall slender man with sandy hair, rugged facial features and an impish look came strolling down the ramp

He wore no hat, red sneakers, chocolate brown corduroy breeches, pink dress shirt and a purple velour sport jacket. Obviously not a writer for GQ, he had a beautiful woman on his arm..

He greeted me warmly, hugged his companion for which he received an enthusiastic kiss and bid her farewell.

He had met her on the plane.

During the hour drive from Phiilly to the shop this Boston cabbie critiqued my driving unmercifully.

Before going to dinner, we checked him into his motel. He was excited that it was across the street from Dorney Parks Wild Water Kingdom.

On the way to dinner we stopped at a convenience store for a pack of Camels. He came out with the cigarettes and a date with the clerk to take her to Wild Water Kingdom.

Totally amazed I asked, Jack Gartside “how do you do it?”His response “I’m a good dancer.”

Being In Jacks company was always entertaining but paleing to his contributions to our sport.

Future blogs will discuss these contributions,


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