Gary Borger's Uni-body Leader

A uni-body leader eliminates the cost of expensive factory leaders and necessity of changing leaders on stream.

The butt and part of the transition are permanently attached to the connecter with a Douple knot. Build it with hard stiff monofilament. Only the lower part of the transition and the soft subtle tippet are changed.

The upper part is built with four feet of .020, one foot of .013 and four feet of .010 maxima chameleon. I like to strip a ½ inch piece of brightly colored level fly line from its core and slip it over the monofilament as a permanent strike indicator.

To fish the bottom add 6 to 8” of 2, 3, 4 or 5x. If 6 or 7x is necessary add 4” to 4x tippet.

When fishing the film add 2 to 4 feetof 2, 3, 4 or 5x soft subtle tippet.If 6, 7x or finer is needed add 12” to 5x tippet. All sections are connected with a double surgeon’s knot

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