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From the Mailbag

Rod, Just downloaded your book. I'm embarrassed to say, I just discovered it on your blog. I'm enjoying it tremendously. Thanks for writing this. It is a gift. I'm going to recommend it to my fishing buddies here in Oregon. They get tired of me talking about limestone streams back East, where the hatch changes every two weeks. I also have this copy of Gary's book I picked up when he visited your shop long ago. If there is a hard back copy of your book in the future, I will definitely request an autographed copy. I see videos of the LL on YouTube that make me want to cry. We couldn't even step foot in the upper waters, and now hacks are walking over other lines and spawning beds. So glad I got to know it when I did. I remember having a slow day on the river, and you telling me, this the Carnegie Hall of fly fishing and you need to learn how to play your instrument. I'm grateful for those days

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