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Fly Shops vs Boutiques

While in Maine to do some Brook Trout fishing, I received an order for a dozen #18

Parachute Adams. My road tying kit lacked some essentials. Fortunately I was near Freeport, the base of L L Bean.

I was shocked, they didn’t have the material necessary to tie the #1 selling fly in the world. I could get a Women's Sweater Fleece Slipper Scuff, a Infants' Ultralight 650 Down Bunting or a Boga grip but not the stuff to tie a fly for Maine Brook Trout.

No bother I’ll just go out of my way to AMERICAS FORMOST OUTFITTER. To my chagrin the attendant in the fly shop didn’t know what an Adams was and after lengthy research with other experts it was established, they didn’t have the material necessary to tie it.

OK, I’ve gotta keep my customer happy, I’ll buy some flies and send them to my customer. No go, they didn’t even have the desired size (18).

I ended up disappointing my customer. I was trying to tie an Articulated Deliveryman during another road trip. I needed some strung hackle.

I tried LL Bean in Bethlehem, PA, Americas foremost outfitter in Hamburg, PA and West Virginia. And Sportsmans warehouse in Colorado Springs. All disappointed me as did Cabelas in Colorado.

I Googled fly Shops and found Peak Fly Shop. I called them, they had just closed but were willing to hang around until I got there and satisfied my needs.

Another road trip, another fly order, another fly tying material shortage. More disappointment. A call to the WorIey Bugger Fly Shop of Ellensburg Washington satisfied very unique needs.

Fly shops need your support. Good fly shops used to add personality to the sport. We are losing that to mega stores whose clerks can’t tie a blood knot.

I respectfully suggest you give these shops like these your business.

I plan on highlighting shops like these in my blog. Please bring treasures like these to my attention. I’ll feature them in my blog and Ill send you a Rat Pack.

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