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Fly Rods

A fly rod is a simple lever. Ease of casting, mending and fish fighting improve as the fly rod gets longer. Longer is better!

Remember that guy named Archimedes?

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Reading your blog regarding fly rods. I remember when I won this rod make by Joe Kohler at your fly shop. I didn't know you could make custom rods. Then I took Joe's rod making class and made the rod at the right. I signed and dated it 2-5-95. I've made several since. Great class. I also attached one of my favorite LL rods, a Powell 6'6" 3-4wt. Another rod you introduced me to. There was plenty of room for 8'-9' rods on the LL, but this one was great for throwing ants under the low hanging willow trees, and small midges along the opposite bank that had a lot of brush as you went up stream. I re…

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