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Fishing Spring Creeks, continued from February 13

Photo by Don Douple

Sulphurs round out the Mayfly menu in May and June.

My favorite pattern is a Sulphur Compara dun

(When I fished Yellowstone's Firehole I asked Blue Ribbon Flies for the best Pale Morning Dun imitation they had. They gave me my trusty Sulphur Compara Dun)

I fish the Sulphur Compara Dun to imitate the duns and Spinners.

I now carry it when I’m in Pale Morning Dun country.

I carry 14, 16 and 18’s

SPRING CREEK RULE #4 carry 14, 16 and 18 Compara Dun’s

My Spring Creek Fly Box always contains Adams of various sizes.

If you can’ match a Mayfly hatch, an Adams of the proper size will probably do the trick.

Continued February 15

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Rod Rohrbach

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