Fishing Spring Creeks. continued from February 11

Baetis tricaudatus formerly known as baetis vagans appear in February, and are multi-brooded, being an important hatch into July These bugs are sometimes present without being apparent to the angler. Little Lehigh fly fisherman Gary Pyle has observed nymphs, duns, and spinners under the dry side of partially submerged rocks. Apparently the complete life cycle occurred out of sight of the angler. I fish two #18 patterns, the Pheasant tail

…and a properly dressed Blue Winged Olive Emerger with no weight.

BWO emergers will usually out perform a traditional dry fly. Try fishing one in shallow riffles and weed beds.

These little critters will help keep the trout fed and the Spring Creek anglers happy for SIX MONTHS into July.

SPRING CREEK RULE #2 Carry Pheasant tails and BWO Emergers in size #18.

Continued tomorrow.

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Rod Rohrbach

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