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As I travel around North América I get to fish famous Freestone waters..

…and famous tailwaters

Green River

…but there is something special about Spring Creeks.

The Letort

This article is about playing the odds. What can you do to take full advantage of your time on the water? Fish a Spring Creek!

Spring Creek water maintains a stable temperature, flow, great numbers of small aquatic insects (i.e tricos and midges,) and are resistant to the heat of summer…

and Winters cold...

During my years on the Little Lehigh I took the water temperature every morning. I never saw the morning water temperature exceed 70 or go below 34.

Photo by Don Douple

Spring Creeks enhanced by Lime are called Limestoners.

Lime increases fertility and resistance to acid rain. Limestone spring Creeks are the best of the best.

Continued tomorrow.

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