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Contemplating where to fish in January...

...brings us to a discussion of freestone streams, spring creeks and limestoners.

Freestone streams originate with run off, (rainfall and snowmelt.) Changes in weather condition can have drastic effects on them Hot weather can make them to warm; cold weather will cause them to freeze. Excessive rain will result in muddy water that’s too high. Droughts result in them becoming to low or drying up. Water temperature can change quickly affecting the trout’s propensity to feed or not to feed.

Spring Creeks originate with springs, thus flow and temperature are more consistent. Temperature change is more gradual allowing fish to acclimate to colder temperature. The Little Lehigh is a spring creek. The warmest I’ve seen it is 72 degrees, the coldest thirty-eight. Even at 38 degrees you can find risers, they’ve acclimated to the colder temperatures. Low temperatures in rivers where temperature fluctuations are minimal have little effect on Trout’s feeding.

Lime stoners or limestone spring creeks are nothing more than spring creeks originating in lime deposits. They process all of the desirable qualities of regular spring creeks, but they also benefit the fertility and acid rain resistance lime provides.

Lime stoners and spring creeks are excellent choices for winter fishing.

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