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Colorado's Dream Stream

The Charlie Meyers area of the South Platte is in Park County

To reach it;

From Hartsel, travel east 10.3 miles on HWY 24 to County Road 23 (mile marker 250). Turn south onto County Road 23 and travel 2.7 miles. Turn east onto County Road 59 and continue for 2.3 miles to where County Roads 59 and 92 meet. Then turn south, staying on County Road 59. Travel one mile to the entrance.


min. 8,587 - max. 9,026 ft


1,370 acres.




Coldwater stream


Outhouse, Parking

In June 2010, the "Dream Stream" portion of Spinney Mountain SWA between Spinny and Elevenmile Reservoirs was renamed for Charlie Meyers, the longtime outdoor columnist for the Denver Post

The river segment has become one of the most popular destinations in Colorado for anglers seeking a quality fishing experience.

It offers excellent opportunities to catch exceptionally large rainbow trout from Elevenmile Reservoir that enter the river in the spring, and brown trout that move in during the fall. It also supports a good population of resident trout and features excellent hatches of aquatic insects..”

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