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After 30 years as a bank executive, I opened a fly shop on Pennsylvania’s Little Lehigh. Why? I was tired of doing what I didn’t want to do.

When I had the idea and the opportunity to convert a historic, stone springhouse in Allentown, Pennsylvania to a fly shop, I traded my wing tips for wading shoes. The Little Lehigh Fly Shop was born. After 15 years I closed the shop, now I spend most of my time camping, lecturing and fishing around North America. My experience at the shop and my travels serve as a backdrop for my club and banquet rrograms. and my eBook, Reflections, Observations, and Advice from a Trout Bum. These are not “I” presentations. They aren’t about me, or my experiences. They are about a fly fishing journey, tidbits of learning that can only be experienced through this journey. Through my own stream successes (and failures), plus my interactions with my friends, and the true stars of fly fishing*, I have been able to collect and convey hundreds of years of stream experience and time tested techniques to the readers of my book and the attendees of my presentations. The book is introduced by Dr Gary Borger and edited by Dr Alan Mittleman. Pictures by Amanda Karam Rohrbach (, Wendell Ozefovich (, Mark Strohl (, Dave Bittner, Don Douple, Cathy Mainardi, Trevor Lanning and others are plentiful. Reflections, Observations, and Advice from a Trout Bum, reflects on pleasant and not so pleasant experiences, shares observations along the river of life, provides some tips on living and fishing alone in the wilder places, and on how YOU can be comfortable in your own skin. Writing a book and lecturing was never my original intention, fly fishing was. But my years at the Little Lehigh Fly Shop followed by trout bumming around North America has me brimming with experience, knowledge and skills I’ve been asked to share with the fly fishing world. Hence, Reflections, Observations, and Advice from a Trout Bum. Thanks, Rod Rohrbach

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