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BUGS, continued


Cats have fur like a dog, two ears like a dog, four feet, a nose and the same life cycle. But they aren’t dogs they are cats. There is no such thing as a Cocker Spaniel kitten or a Persian puppy. There is no such thing as a Mayfly pupa or a Caddis nymph.

Caddis are aquatic insects like a Mayfly, but they aren’t Mayflies they’re Caddis.

There are Caddis of all colors and sizes, but all Caddis flies are not the same.

Caddis eggs develop into larvae.

Larvae are wormlike aquatic versions of the Caddis. Some larva build cases out of sand and stone, some from wood and other aquatic vegetation, some spin webs, others are free living.

Larvae grow the most in the weeks prior to emergence.

To be continued


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