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Blue Winged Olives, Baetis tricaudatus

This series of articles focuses on flies that work now on spring creeks.

Yesterdays article discussed nymphs, today focuses on emergers.

A properly dressed emerger with no weight will usually out fish a dry fly. Try shallow riffles and weed beds.

The regulars at my fly shop found the following emerger pattern to be deadly.

Hook- sz. 24, 94840 Tail-Medium Blue dun CDC or after shaft feathers.

Tie in a clump the length of ½ the hook shank and secure it at the bend of the hook.

Body- Dub the thread with olive angora rabbit, wind the thread forward to form a thin tapered body. Stop two hook eye lengths behind the eye. Cover the hook eye length of hook shank in front of the body with thread as a base for the wing sprouts.

Wing Sprouts -Tie in a clump of CDC or after shaft feather to form the wing sprouts. They should be ½ the length of the hook shank, form the head and whip finish.

Read more about baetis by clicking here.

Tomorrows piece will discuss duns.

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