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Another fly for spring creeks THAT WORKS NOW!

The Honeybug Inchworm is a perfect example of a fly that looks the same from all sides and is easy to tie.

I buy white skeins of 100% velour Bernat at my local yarn shop. You can also get it on-line. The texture of this material makes the pattern far superior to regular chenille.

I mix water and Rit Neon Green dye in a micro wave safe container, throw in some honeybug material and nuke it.

If you can’t get Neon Green you can mix 2 tablespoons of Rit Yellow with 1 teaspoon of Rit Kelly green.

This simple fly is my favorite fly when fishing the cushion.

Secure insect green Monocord to a nymph or streamer hook. Tie in some honeybug material dyed inchworm green.

Point to remember

Don’s Honeybug Inchworm works for all species of freshwater fish.

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