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A Trout Bums Rules for Fishing Spring Creeks

Two common mistakes of spring creek anglers;

1 Approaching the stream to casually. Dress like a turkey hunter, not a band leader.

2. Use a long fine tippet

These thoughts and the Trout Bum rules listed below are important to a spring creek angler.

SPRING CREEK RULE #1 Carry Rats and Griffiths Gnats in sizes 18 and 24 all year.

SPRING CREEK RULE #2 Carry Pheasant Tails and Blue Winged Olive (BWO) Emergers in size #18.

SPRING CREEK RULE #3 Size #24 Al’s Tricos will cover your trico fishing.

SPRING CREEK RULE #4 Carry size 14, 16 and 18 Compara Dun’s

SPRING CREEK RULE # 5. Have a variety of Adams in your spring creek fly box

SPRING CREEK RULE # 6 Include craneflies, ants, scuds and your Spring Creek fly box.

SPRING CREEK RULE # 7 Prevent line flash ,If you have a disco line dye it.

SPRING CREEK RULE # 8 Make a leader with extra long tippet. Often the difference between fish and no fish is going to 7x tippet, the difference between fish and lots of fish is going from 7x to 8x.

SPRING CREEK RULE # 8 Magnifiers and grippers make a spring creek fisherman’s fishing easier.

SPRING CREEK RULE #9 Use a rod suitable for short accurate casts.

SPRING CREEK RULE #10 Anytime you can incorporate peacock into a spring creek fly pattern, do it.

SPRING CREEK RULE #11 Bright colors and / or ants in the morning.

SPRING CREEK RULE #12 Fish it before you wade it.

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