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A Good February Fly For Spring Creeks

I noticed a medicine bottle bobbing downstream .A trout was following it occasionally bumping it with its nose. ​ I netted :Lincoln Parmers prescription bottle. Inside was an unusual nymph. I contacted Lincoln and was introduced to the Wonder Nymph. One of Lincolns secret weapons divulged by a curious trout. ​ The wonder nymph enjoys the properties I look for in a pattern for wild, spring creek trout. It looks the same from all sides, is easy and fun to tie, soft in body texture and looks buggy. ​ THREAD: black HOOK: size 10 79580 TAIL: Moose mane. BODY: grizzly and coachman hackle trimed pictured THORAX: black ostrich. I substitute Peacock. ​ A Wonder Nymph is wonderful when spring deluges turn your pristine spring creek into a muddy mess. Large trout are using their lateral line to feed in water normally a shallow sanctuary for smaller fish.

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Rod Rohrbach

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