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August Hatches and Imitations

Early August will bring water temperatures ranging from 56 to 60. Mornings will feature the trico hatch . It will be in full swing.

In the afternoon knowledgeable anglers will be using terrestrials, craneflies and midges. We will start to see some Yellow drakes, Cahills and Blue Winged Olives

Mid August we will find water temperatures from 58 to 62. The trico hatch will continue in full swing. They will show up between 8 & 9:30am, Afternoon patterns include midge patterns, Blue Wnged Olives, Inchworms some Yellow Dakes, Cahills & terrestrials. We will start to see some Hexagenias. The Hex strip nymph will be productive.

Late August water temperatures will range from 58 to 62 degrees. trico's will show up in late morning, fishing will be excellent. Later try midge patterns, Blue Winged Olives, Craneflies, Inchworms, Hex Strip nymphs & terrestrials. Swallows and Robins will have left by now.


Baetis vagans, Baetis levitans, Paraleptophlebia mollis,

Paraleptophlebia strigula, Paraleptophlebia guttata,

Paraleptophlebia debilis, Epeorus vitreus, Heptogenia hebe, Heptogenia minerva, Stenocron interpunctatum, canadense

Stenocron pulchellum, Ephemera varia, Hexagenia atrocaudata, Ephoron leukon, Tricorythodes stygiatus,

Isonychia sp, Hydropsyche alternan


Little Blue Quill, Blue Winged Olive, Minute Blue Winged Olive, Blue Quill, Little Sulphur Dun, Little Yellow Dun, Little Evening Sulphur, Light Cream Cahill,

Cahill, Yellow Drake, Big Slate Drake, White Fly, Tricos

Slate Drakes, Spotted Sedge, Olive Sedge, Little Black Caddis, Orange Crane Fly, Mosquito, Al’s Rat, Crickets

Grasshoppers, Beetles, Inchworms, Ants, Worms,

Leeches, Scuds, Crawfish, Snails

Please click here for Third Quarter Summary.


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