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July Mayflies, Eastern Sprinng Creeks

A Don Douple photo

Little Blue Quill or Blue Winged Olive, Baetis tricauatus

Minute Blue Winged Olive, Baetis levitans

Blue Quill, (false trico) Paraleptophlebia mollis

Blue Quill, Paraleptophlebia strigula

Blue Quill, Paraleptophlebia debilis

Little Sulphur Dun, Epeorus vitreus

Little Yellow Dun Heptogenia hebe

Slate Drakes, Isonychia sp

Light Cahill, Stenocron interpunctatum, canadense

Little Evening Sulphur, Heptogenia minerva

Big Slate Drake, Hexagenia atrocauda

Cream Cahill, Stenocron pulchellum

Yellow Drake, Ephemera varia

White Fly, Ephoron leukon

Trico, Tricorythodes stygiatus

Read all about these bugs here.

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