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Fran Goughs Trico study

The Little Lehigh Fly Shop enjoyed the opportunity of hosting Fran Gough and his entourage as he studied Tricorythodes Stygiatus.

Fran placed nets in the water, checking them every hour periodically for four months.

While Frans focus was on Tricos, I had the opportunity to observe other critters in detail.

I take no credit for this study other than being the chief coffee supplier.

I'm providing this information in keeping my promise to pass on information I acquired during the life of the Little Lehigh Fly Shop.

It's interesting to note, many of the millions of specimens had RED thoraxes caused by internal mites.

I started fishing Trico patterns with red thoraxes with success!

Fran's study provided me with the opportunity to observe phenomenons such as BEHAVIORAL DRIFT and, TERRESTRIAL DRIFT and the emergence and life cycles of other critters.

I'll always be grateful to Fran for the chance to be involved with this study.

For more information click here.

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