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It’s the time of year ...

Cedar Creek,Allentown, PA

.....when freestone fishermen start thinking about warm water species or extensive travel plans. To the spring creek connoisseur like, yours truly, we are just getting into my favorite time of the salmonid fishing season. Spring creeks maintain a consistent flow and temperature while testing the skills of the angler. Blue Winged Olives and Isonychia will be hatching as will Tricos and Big Slate Drakes. You can offer assize 24 trico to a persnickety Brookie in the morning and a #8 Hex pattern to a Brown at dusk. It’s the time of year for Orange Craneflies, ants, beetles and grasshoppers during the day and the Mid Atlantic piscator doesn’t have to travel to Patagonia or resort to Panfish. Give a Pennsylvania Spring Creek a try and on your way stop by the Susquehanna for some world class Bass.

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