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When I first started fly fishing, Steve Krajcirovic of Anglers Notch was my mentor.Steve would take me to New York’s Saranac and Pennsylvania's Big Bushkill at Ressica falls.I was a young man, but when we walked up to the bank and saw the torrent he wanted to fish, I had second thoughts about my new hobby.Stevie’s wading style was unique. He used the current instead of fighting it. He “bobbed" from place to place. Fran Betters of the “Adirondack Sports Shop” told me “Steve was one of the best fishermen and the best wader he ever knew .On that first trip to the Saranac, Steve would say Rod, see that boulder in midstream? There’s a brownie in front of it and one behind it. Go get em."My fishing that first time on the Saranac was more about surviving and keeping up with Steve than it was about catching fish. Every step was an adventure. I never dreamed fishing could be such a workout!But when I saw how that man could catch fish, I decided to emulate his style and wading staff,

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